The name of the group is killer. Their debut video is boss. The concept behind the group is solid. Here’s to hoping people catch on to what Swetshop Boys are putting down right now.

I first met Riz MC at SXSW in 2007 or 2008 and his music was cool but his story was better. He’s an actor first and foremost (with a decent film résumé that people would recognize), but also a heady MC that raps about conspiracy theories and what it’s like being a Pakistani young artist in London and get shit for being a Pakistani young artist in London. NEVER would have thought he’d end up in a group with the forever talented Hima-face of Das Racist Greedhead Records.

It’s a brilliant pairing. And there’s some important Indian/Pakistani unity that comes out of a duo like this that people need to see. Real talk. Big shouts to Hima for being on permanent sabbatical on the better side of the world (India, Thailand, Australia, etc) and making music the whole time. Here’s the Swetshop Boys first single…”Benny Lava.”

Since I’m posted here in Uganda currently, it’s only right to big up and shed light on music coming out of this beautiful country where I’m based for a couple of weeks. First up is Ugandan rapper Mun G who I had the chance to connect with yesterday at a hip-hop gathering at the US Embassy. Weird, right? Hip-hop, the US Embassy… it happened and youth making hip-hop music had a chance to further connect. Anyway, Mun G is a name here in Uganda and is creating music at a level where he’s getting radio play and has people regularly checking for his new material.

Mun G raps in both English and Luganda (the indigenous language) but tends to use the latter more frequently since it’s his native tongue. Here’s a video for his song, “Kijja Kugwa” that came out a little over a month ago and rides a North American beat with lyrics in Lugandan.

Don’t snooze on this show! You’ll be mad you if you do! The LxNxM crew drops cuts from A Tribe Called Red at damn near every Soundsystem that we throw so come out and see the Ottawa-based DJ collective perform live and in the flesh! Tang and Toast will be opening up the show (solid call) and then A Tribe Called Red will be doing their thing till 2am. Tickets are available here. Get on that.

If you’re not hip to Bay-area based artist MADlines you should be. She’s an amazing poet, writer, writing coach and teaching artist based in the Yay Areauh and is pushing her blend of rap/poetry forward and not letting the pitfalls of life knock her off her artistic path. Hella respectable. I’m also making a personal vow to feature/highlight more women artists doing their thing with this blog.

Check out this quick jawn from MADlines and also peep her Soundcloud page as well. For what it’s worth, she used work hand in hand with Hollis in their group Canary Sing. If Hollis can blow up, Maddy can too. All in due time.

Oddisee is one of the best hip-hop producers around right now. He can definitely rap is ass off with a flow that’s steady and even-keeled but his beats speak to me more than his lyrics. I’d venture to say he’s a better beatmaker than emcee. This isn’t meant to bring up the whole producer/rapper “thing” which shouldn’t be a “thing” at all; rappers can produce dope beats and vice versa. To that point, less than a year ago, Oddisee dropped one of the best projects of 2013 that many people snoozed on called The Beauty in All which is an entirely instrumental album which looks at the everyday flaws that make life beautiful. It’s a gorgeous album which you can stream for free at the link above. He also dropped a complimentary mixtape called Tangible Dream a month later with his beats and raps so check that out and figure out which you like better.

Today, his team released the video for one of the singles called “Caprice Down” that shows an amazing trio of dudes from the “Hammer City” skate crew that are black and badass on their skateboards. Check it out and keep your creativity flowing however you can.

Who needs Johnny Knoxville? Cause this old-timer right here! Straight Ether Geritol! Keep in mind, this video comes from the city that is run by Rob Ford so anything goes.

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What’s going on here? The new single is called “Domestic Violence” and 99.99% of the time that ain’t cool. Yet somehow, Detroit’s own Bruiser Brigade member TRPL BLK is banking on the nano percentage he’s got of turning a song named after DV into an internet hit. And dammit if he’s not off to a decent attempt at pulling this off, keeping in mind that the internets are always crazy. In fairness, this song isn’t about hitting women it’s about hitting pelvis’ and deep spots inside of a woman in a sexual way. I still can’t endorse the song title but you get the point. #raunchrap2013

The single is the first release off TRPL BLK’s debut album Big Dig Niggas Eat Pussy Too…which, total transparency, he’s been telling me about for about 2 years now so it’s good that this record is going to see daylight via Мишка Records. Building off his deep friendship and music relationship with Danny Brown, TRPL BLK, keeps the raunchy rap train rolling full force but where Danny rhymes about popping pills, this tracks is all sex talk and would make BlowFly turn red! It’s also laced with a ghetto-tech/hood electronic beat that keeps the record as Detroit as possible.

“Born in DC, raised in Maryland” is an appropriate line for introspective Sudanese-American producer Oddisee. He’s rapped and made beats for years, artfully doing both, and now has a new instrumental project on the making titled The Beauty in All that drops this fall. The album, in Oddisee’s words, is a shoutout to imperfections and happy accidents via music. Learning and unlearning to make honest and genuine music.

For now, check the new video for the composition he calls “After Thought” but don’t make Oddisee’s new music an after thought when it’s released. Buy it before it hits the digital streets.

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