It’s been a long 36 hours for Seattle MC Gabriel Teodros. As some of you might know, Gabe just left Seattle on Tuesday for what was supposed to be a three month journey through England doing solo shows, then France and Germany on tour with Souls of Mischief, possibly Jordan and the United Arab Emirates on tour with Ragtop of the Philistines and Omar Offendum, and then into Ethiopia and eventually Nairobi where he’s hoping to link with Monk Wordsmith of the Physics for a show in Kenya. It’s all a beautiful concept but it’s taking a temporary delay since the Babylon border patrol detained Gabe for a whopping eight hours yesterday before denying him entrance into London. It’s been said that London Heathrow Airport is a tough airport for people of color and Gabe experienced that first hand yesterday. It reminds me of the Mos Def line: London Heathrow me and my people/they think illegal is a synonym for negro.

It’s sort of a heartbreaking story because he’s had his heart set on this trip for awhile. And everything was falling into line perfectly. But the officials at the border said they didn’t think he had enough funds to support himself in the U.K. for the duration of his trip and that he didn’t have a proper work visa. Fucking borders. So after eight hours of being in a cage, they put him on a plane and sent him back to Iceland. He’s in Reykjavik now, where it’s apparently freezing cold. He and I spent a couple of hours trading emails trying to brainstorm on what his next move should be. He’s being shipped out of Iceland at 10 a.m. our time (5 p.m. Iceland time) and being sent to New York. That actually could be a good thing. He can link with all the Seattle Rappers at CMJ and maybe tour the East Cost for awhile. Either way, his real goal is to be in Ethiopia by December 1st and he’s still on task to make it. Send him some love right now like he’s getting in the video below. He needs it.

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