On the surface, Detroit and Miami don’t have a lot in common. They’re both cocaine capitols and port cities, but you have to dig a lot deeper than that to find their true similarities. If you want to talk about booty music, Miami and Detroit are practically blood brothers. Miami bass and “booty shake” comes straight from ghettotech and the “Ass n Titties” style jit music of Detroit.

On the other hand,  if you’re talking hip-hop, they couldn’t be further apart. But Detroit’s Stoopz N Breeze are having fun connecting the dots. They dropped an album earlier this year called Turn Up the Smooth that’s full of fiery, yet hilarious raps that invoke images of Miami Vice circa 1985. In a way, Stoopz N Breeze are the anti Crockett and Tubbs. They’re not trying to uphold laws at all — they’re true criminals at heart, but they’re crooked in a good way. On stage, they dress in the cheesiest ’80s Miami gear imaginable, yet still rap and make beats like drunken hip-hop gurus. I caught them performing live last night with Nico Redd, Black Reign and Ohkang, and they killed it. Blake Eerie was on stage most of the night since it was the listening party for his upcoming project, The Lateef EP, in which the MC uses a sample from Detroit jazz legend Yusef Lateef on every song. It’s a beautiful album and I’ll write more about that when it drops mid December. But for now, just get acquainted with Turn Up the Smooth which you can stream/buy over here. Even the folks at Waxpoetics have taken notice.

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