Yes. A thousand times yes. Noted globe-trotter, freedom fighter, and local dude made good Gabriel Teodros is back at it again. Our guy G Teezy just blessed the world with a new ep – free, downloadable, and all for you. The name? GT’s Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape. The concept? Oxnard, California hitmaker Oh No put together a beat tape exclusively sampling classic Ethiopian songs – Gabe raps over them.

It’s a pretty ridiculous result. Gabe’s been holding down the Mid-Atlantic seaboard for the last couple of months, following his kerfluffle with the British authorities at Heathrow, and the experience shows in this recording. It’s pretty direct to the heart, which is saying something for Gabe: dude does not do anything without heart.

It’s also a statement of sorts, with a sampling process that is so overtly using one culture’s traditions, there are bound to be more complex layers of meaning. GT himself writes:

It’s crazy as a musician, to know the struggles of other Ethiopian musicians, and how much harder it must be back home to create this music, that in 2009 people are sampling our classics left and right, and i know that very little, if any, of the money made off these samples ever actually gets back to these musicians, who can barely make a living off this music, and who back home couldn’t make a living off of it at all. Not to say i’m against sampling, most of the hip hop i love is still based on samples… but if someones gonna do it, i feel like there should at least be an Ethiopian perspective to go with these beats!”

And he does it big. Download this thing and turn it up.

Gabriel Teodros – GT’s Ethiopium: A Jitter Generation Mixtape

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