We’re pulling back the curtain on special guest number one for The Hella Official Double Feature Afterparty this Sunday at Moe Bar. The guest? The one and only Gordon Voidwell, New York’s very own Prince/George Clinton/future hop blogstar.

G. Voidwell will be holding down a very special DJ set at Moe Bar, his first on the West Coast (as far as we’re aware), and a rare Bronx/Brooklyn/Space treat for Seattle.

If you’re not familiar, dude is official, and it’s a rare treat to have him blessing the room. Wax Poetics, that arbiter of good musical taste, gave him gushing coverage, and he’s been wasting no time blowing up little places like SXSW.

Bottom line, you want to be there. Here’s some downloads to give you a taste and get you ready.

Download: Gordon Voidwell – The Voided Checks Mixtape

Download: Gordon Voidwell – White Friends (Sabzi remix)

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