*not from tonight's show. duh

i just got home from the 2nd night of blue scholars’ three night home stand at the showbox. sabzi and geo are probably rocking the house right now (i’d have stayed, but an illness is bringing me down early tonight). considering this site has given some love (and helped put them up and show them around while they’re here)┬áto das racist, who were on the bill tonight , i wanted to write a short review of their set. mainly, they killed it. it was a short set–30 minutes tops–but coming out of south by southwest, where they rocked a mess of shows, it was a hella tight 30 minutes. i wish i could have heard the vocals a little more clearly (these guys are clever, after all), but the beats were crazy hot. like nuclear hot. surface of the sun hot. too bad they’re only rocking one night in the city, and also too bad that the crowd wasn’t giving them the love they deserved, though some absolutely were. i wonder what the crowd would have done if they knew it was sabzi under the gorilla mask. this show definitely makes me eager to hear their mixtape (coming soon!), and hope that they can make it back to seattle real soon.

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