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Tang hard at work putting the finishing touches on Volume 2 of the Last Night’s Mixtape Mixtape series. Expect to see this in your life in… oh, just a couple hours.

We’re pulling back the curtain on special guest number one for The Hella Official Double Feature Afterparty this Sunday at Moe Bar. The guest? The one and only Gordon Voidwell, New York’s very own Prince/George Clinton/future hop blogstar.

G. Voidwell will be holding down a very special DJ set at Moe Bar, his first on the West Coast (as far as we’re aware), and a rare Bronx/Brooklyn/Space treat for Seattle.

If you’re not familiar, dude is official, and it’s a rare treat to have him blessing the room. Wax Poetics, that arbiter of good musical taste, gave him gushing coverage, and he’s been wasting no time blowing up little places like SXSW.

Bottom line, you want to be there. Here’s some downloads to give you a taste and get you ready.

Download: Gordon Voidwell – The Voided Checks Mixtape

Download: Gordon Voidwell – White Friends (Sabzi remix)

Vitamin D: emerald city beatsmith and patron of fine opera

Hey Vita! happy belated b-day from the not so tall homies @ LxNxM ! Vitamin D humbly presides in the upper echelon of Seattle producers and hip hop culture in general. Smoothly riding the currents of the Seattle “waves of hip hop ( see Mudede’s timeline/wave theory of Seattle Hip Hop)“, Vita has expanded outside of the 206 with notable collabos with Abstract Rude, Gift of Gab, and various Rhymesayer heads.  On the local tip – Vita ever remains the accessible tall homey,  laying down clever verses all over the place and supplying enduring beats that seem to tailor fit local emcees and singers.

Alright, so the word on the Born day EP is that Vitamin D recorded all these tracks on his b-day! source- local emcee ispire of Canary Sing. Not surprisingly the EP knocks, but it also entertains in way that will put a gleam in the eye of any true hip hop head. Vita gets it in throughout the nine tracks – exploring topics from wack birthdays, the limitations of playahood in the age of social media, and identity politics of Seattle Hip Hop.   Download the  Born Day EP here for free and whip test immediately thereafter.

Yesterday while bartending over at Hidmo, I had the unexpected pleasure of having Eternia show up. She was in the middle of a mini layover while traveling to Vancouver. Hella Random. For years, the Canadian-raised lyricist has been one of my favorite female MCs (I know that term is limiting but that’s the box I put her in back in the day) and it’s just now that I’m realizing she doesn’t deserve to be there. A dope MC is a dope MC and Eternia is a straight-to-the-bank dope MC. One of the things she’s always been good at is dissing cats via her verses and on her brand new single, “It’s Funny,” which dropped yesterday, she goes in.

We might be breaking some of her videos on LxNxM over the next few months. She’s sitting on a few and has promised to send them our way. If you didn’t already know, Eternia recently signed a deal with Fat Beats. Hopefully she’ll be a household name soon. One listen to “It’s Funny” and it’s clear that she deserves to be. The cat who produced this track, moSS, is no slouch either. This is some M.O.P. snap ya neck type isht.

The new Erykah tracks just keep on coming, and I’m not complaining. This one sounds like a classic Erykah joint mashed up with Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money,” only Erykah sings the Get Money part too.  Hence, “Get MuNNY.”

Erykah Badu – Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY) (via Nah Right)

Cop Erykah’s newest full-length project, New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh, on March 30th.  Or else…

insofar as i listen to real-live albums anymore, pictureplane’s dark rift was definitely one of my favorites from 2009. pictureplane is made up of travis egedy, a 20-something dude out of denver making some superb unclassifiable music (or gothic/house/dub, if you listen to his eye-fucking myspace page). i was tipped onto pictureplane first by a great remix of the song “new mind” by teengirl fantasy. dark rift is super solid with lots of big tracks featuring the band’s distinctive scuzzy, synthy, housey, generally manic sound. the past few days/weeks have featured some new pictureplane material out there. first is the absolutely stunning track “beyond fantasy” (download):

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I have been a long time appreciator of unabashed positive poetics of west coast rhymester LMNO (LeaveMyNameOut). A member of the much loved Visionaries, and no rookie emcee – LMNO’s list of collaborations is vast.  Having met this west coast vet on more than one occasion – it’s clear that there’s a real spiritual alignment with the hip hop he puts out to the world.  Determined to stay prolific in 2010, LMNO has committed to release 10 ep’s before years end.

Judging from his second ep thus far – Fonk Garden, produced entirely by the extraterrestrial Georgia Anne Muldrow – this imposing timeline might bring out some of his best work. Check the video below – on some daisy age effects but certified west coast cosmic bump – nonetheless. Click here to sample and cop Fonk Garden.

This Sunday, Last Night’s Mixtape and Red Eye are hosting a party at Moe Bar to celebrate and wrap-up a busy busy weekend. This weekend is the Blue Scholars’ Double Feature weekend, with two shows from our boys in blue, and featuring many of the folks you’ve seen written about right here on LxNxM, including Das Racist, Bambu, Macklemore and your boy DV One, among others.

To send the weekend off with a bang, we’re throwing a party with some of our favorite selectors: the File Jerks, DJ WD4D, and LxNxM’s own Tang and Toast. Plus, some secret surprise guests – with so many folks in town, there’s no telling just who might get on the tables.

We’re also releasing the second installment of the LxNxM mixtape series that night, and we’ll have free physical copies for the first 50 or so people in the door.

The Hella Official Double Feature Weekend Afterparty
Sunday, March 28//10pm to close
Moe Bar//FREE 21+

A few weeks back, J-Live hit us up via twitter saying that he was in the process of putting together a couple of mixes. I’d almost forgotten about it until today when I caught wind of his latest mini project, First Things First, Vol 2.

It’s a collection of some of his favorite lead-off tracks from classic albums. That’s a solid theme for a mixtape because when you think about it, classic albums should always have killer opening tracks. We’re not talking intros but rather the first real song on an LP.

Jams like Slum Villages “Conant Garden,” Common’s “Resurrection” and Wu-Tang Clan’s “Bring Da Ruckus” all make appearances and I think J-Live did a good job with picking cuts for this version. Thanks to, this mix is totally free. Dive into it here. And if you’re feeling Vol. 2, it only makes sense to back track and check out the songs that made First Things First, Vol 1 from earlier this month. That one has some serious lead-off tracks like Jay-Z’s “A Million and One Questions” off In My Lifetime Vol. 1 and MC Lyte’s “Cha Cha Cha.” It’s totally a mind trip that you’ll be glad you explored.