Skratch Bastid and The Rub’s Cosmo Baker were rehearsing for their Let’s Build performance the other day, and somewhere along the way Cosmo decided to start fuckin with the beat to the new Dipset joint, “Speakin’ in Tongues.”  Skratch Bastid threw Cutty’s classic acapella over it and “instantly smoke filled the room and an airhorn sounded from the distance.”  The rest is mashup history.

Stream and/or download this magical musical mishmash below, but be mindful of where you are when you hit play.  You definitely don’t want to play this song too loud in the office, unless, of course, your boss is cool with ganja smoke and airhorns at the workplace.

(On a somewhat related sidenote, have you peeped the free hip hop hisotry mixtapes that they’ve been droppin’ over at The Rub?  If you haven’t, you really got get up on that.  For real.)

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