True students of the creative renaissance/legacy emerging from the Los Angeles hip hop underground of the mid 90’s should be no stranger to Alex Ocana a.k.a 2mex.

Originally part of a duo called Of Mexican Descent alongside fellow emcee Xololanxinco, 2mex is a distinguished alumnus of the Good Life Café in South Central Los Angeles. Between 92 and 98 the open mic at this Muslim health food cafe became a space where rigid lines of gender, race, and accepted forms of hip hop in LA were obliterated and transformed – as creativity, skills and style on the mic reigned supreme. Click here for the trailer of This is the Life, an amazing documentary on the Good Life Cafe.

2mex has gone on to make literally hundreds of tracks with anyone gutsy enough to grant him a a guest verse, gaining respect from starry-eyed backpackers to the Dogfather himself. Download this track “Deadhand Control” for freezy from the just released full-length My Fanbase Will Destroy You – featuring collabos with Murs, Busdriver, Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta and bunch of other cool people, available on Strange Famous.

Catch 2mex at on Nov.7th at Nectar with Free Moral Agents if you’re in the 206, otherwise check 2mex on tour.

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