I was going to try to write something about how Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating genocide, and how the best way to exorcise the worst of the tryptophan demons is to put on some damned good dance music and get your friends and fam around you, but to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t hanging together very well, so I dropped the whole thing.

Instead, free of any and all associations, you should absolutely 110% download and listen to the first release from Chief Boima and Oro 11, aka Banana Clipz. The duo is formerly Bay Area based – though now Chief Boima hangs his hat in America’s New York City – and their eponymous EP reflects it, with cumbia-inflected grooves and guest spots from Bayliens like MC Tidal and LxNxM favorites Los Rakas.

Just because clever puns elude me (and no, I won’t make any jokes about how Chief Boima goes by Chef Boima while cooking turkey) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy clever music. Get it in.

Download: Banana Clipz – Banana Clipz EP (right click “save as”)

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