Day one at South By Southwest is in the rearview mirror, and for this first-time attendee, I think it’s safe to say that it was a trial by fire. The sheer scale of the festival is astounding – I did the math late last night and can now proudly say I cracked the five mile mark of walking. Classy!

It was a crazy day of lines, but here are my highlights, as well as a selection of pictures from my absolutely high-quality camera. Enjoy!

The Fader Fort is its own center of gravity in the SXSW universe. The multi-hour line to get in, and the total production of the space is unmatched. To get a good sense of it, imagine a boiled down Sasquatch with more edge. That is to say, free beer, Statik Selektah and DJ Eleven providing between-band music, and a razor-edge selection of music. Twin Shadow won the day musically, combining delicate melodies with synth-driven quiet/loud rock. The only downer was a cancellation from certified Grown Ass Man Raphael Saadiq. Next time, Ray Ray.

Seattle’s Members Only crew put together an excellent funk and soul night with Austin staple DJ Chorizo Funk. Seattle’s DJ 100 Proof and Mr. Supreme, aka Supreme La Rock, flexed their significant crates, with the event serving as a de facto reunion for Seattle expats.

Yup. Heems and James Blake.

New York’s certified party-rockers and LxNxM homies Das Racist put a memorable capstone on the night by playing a show with Impose Magazine that featured the worst sound system, the nicest bar staff, and the most beer bottles per capita thrown thus far (note to showgoers: not cool).

And finally, the requisite afterparty, featuring Moby and Trouble and Bass boss Drop The Lime. Another note: when you walk into a warehouse and see a bald house DJ, there is an approximately 95% chance that it is Moby. There is no reason to question this.

Today’s all about checking out some specific folks, including the Vancouver/Brooklyn crew Old Money Massive, and San Antonio’s own Sonora and Mexicans With Guns. Where will we end the night? Nobody knows…

Hella more pictures right here after the jump.

Breakfast of champions

Dap of Das Racist gets into it.

Vic from Das Racist moves the crowd.

The big homie DJ Chorizo Funk


Despot Roast at work.

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