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it’s been a minute since we’ve posted something from big boi. today brings a video for perhaps the most soulful cut on sir lucious left foot: the son of chico dusty, “be still.” big boi is probably the most consistent rapper out there, but man are his videos inconsistent. ranging from totally boring to really great, this one is right in the middle. it almost doesn’t make sense: why are there daddy fat saxxx cheerleaders for a song this chill?

There’s a new viral video, cloaked in mystery, taking over the Seattle internets. People in the city’s music community are trying to figure just who’s behind the hilariously goofy character, LegoMan. I’ve got my thoughts on who it could be but let’s go off the facts in front of us.

The person behind LegoMan rides the bus, eats bahn mi in the I.D., also eats Tikki Masala (because it’s the only thing that rhymes with Impala), likes art, and likes to help his friends. These are the traits he’s bestowed upon “LegoMan” but in actuality, he’s probably talking about himself. My guess is that LegoMan is just a continuation of Porch Jams, pure low budget anti-boredom comedy. But you come up with your own guesses on who LegoMan truly is.

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I’m always going to have a soft spot in my heart for South Florida rapper Brisco. I wrote my first Gen F in FADER magazine on the guy and watched him go from a hungry artist riding Rick Ross’ coattails to a certified music entity in the South that a lot of folks in Georgia, Alabama and Florida come out and support.

He did take swings at Gucci Mane and Waka Flaka, so maybe one can cross Georgia off that list, but Brisco’s music still goes hard to a sizable audience regardless of if you’ve never heard him before. He was signed to Cash Money for awhile and faithfully reps Poe Boy Records so there’s no doubt that his time will come when it’s destined.

As for now, check out his OG Kush Vol 2 mixtape that dropped yesterday, which showcases where Brisco’s head is at lyric-wise and how much weed he smokes. I purposely didn’t post this mix yesterday so that it wouldn’t get caught in the fog of a kajillion weed anthems that came out on 4/20. Wiz Kalifa, Beans, JRandall, and Jamaican dancehall demon Red Rat make appearances. Download it now.

Sometime ago, lost in the mists of time, LxNxM buddo’s Das Racist came through Seattle to play some shows, have some fun, and get into some trouble. Somehow, they also found time to do a live set on KEXP, which was recorded both audio-styles and video-styles.

And who’s that in the back of the videos? It’s your own LxNxM folks, Toast and Tang. Apparently when you’re djing in a non-performance situation (empty room, sound through headphones, etc), you just sort of stand there. Aw dip. Regardless of our non-theatrics, the boys acquit themselves admirably. Check the videos here and below the jump.

Couple more after l’jump.

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For years, Assassin has consistently remained one of my favorite artists creating dancehall music. His albums are solid, his singles are fire, and for all the love that dancehall cats like Vybz and Beenie and Mavado get (mostly for remaining in the tabloids) it amazes me that Assassin doesn’t have a larger presence outside of Jamaica. His upcoming project is going to change that and when you check out the pure heat coming from this mans mouth on the first half of this double video, you’ll understand why they call him Assassin. He’s calling out badminded foolishness with every lyric and winking straight at Vybz Bleachtel the whole time.

But just as it seems like he’s the angriest artist in dancehall, dude switches it straight to party time, which, when you think about it, is mighty Caribbean of him. There’s truth in the fact that us West Indians can row and fuss to the fullest, then drink a Guinness and let the party vibes flow. And in case you’re wondering, both songs were produced by Stephen di Genius McGregor which explain why this is ready so bashment ready.

Creating globally smart music doesn’t always require a passport, but it never hurts if you have one handy. Just ask a handful of British blokes who’d been making music in London for years that hovered around the sometimes loved and loathed genre of Afropop. Considering Vampire Weekend gets shit for trying the same thing, the Londoners aspired to dig deeper.

So after hopping a flight to Kenya (the same country their nation used to colonize, ahem!) they found a generous and forgiving group of musicians who were willing to show ‘em a few things. The main Kenyan musician that helped get things going were traditional luo players Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko who gigged and labored with the blokes until an album was created. So on May 2nd, be on the lookout for the Owiny Sigoma Band’s self-titled debut project hitting stores via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordsing. And trust, if Gilles is putting it out, it’ll certainly be good.

For now, check out a fresh remix that Detroit electronic wiz Theo Parrish just dropped a couple of days ago. He’s pulled out all of the guts and reworked some serious melodic 313 grooves into this piece. Voila.
Owiny Sigoma Band // Wires (Theo Parrish Remix) by Brownswood

And after you take this track in, check out a mini album promo/documentary on how Owiny Sigoma Band sound while hanging in Nairobi.
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Again with the Swedish soundsystems!

I never suspected that under the shroud of indie pop poster children, Sweden, that most Scandinavian of nations, would have such a bubbling dancehall and reggae scene. Should have know better.

Via the good dudes (are we at internet homie status yet fellas?) over at Safari Sound, aka your favorite Baltic dj crew, comes a mix from another Swedish soundsystem, Stockholm’s Trinity Sound.

The mix is massive – clocking in at almost two and a half hours (not men, no Charlie Sheen, no Tiger Blood). It’s a good selection, plucking tunes that share a similar synthy-bounced aesthetic, and giving them room to breathe.

Plus, if Safari Sound recommends it, then it’s gold as far as I’m concerned.

TRINITY SOUND – TUN UP DI SWAG MIXCD 2011 NEW by dj-flash trinity sound

Here’s a crazy mix from Vancouver, BC’s Blondtron (we see you neighbor to the north!).  The track selection is eclectic, to say the least – just how we like our mixes over here at LxNxM.  Prince Zimboo makes an appearance here and there, but this is by no means an all-Zimboo-everything mixtape.  He’s more like a special guest.  So, come for the Zimboo, but stay and enjoy the Spoek Mathambo, Big Freedia, Mr. Lexx, and Aloe Blacc/Wu-Tang and Dougie/Ace of Base mashups, among others. Trust me.  It’s well worth 65 minutes of your time.

I found this on the Mad Decent blog, naturally.

French producer Onra is a force to fall in love with when it comes to beats. There’s literally a strong chance that he’s your favorite producer’s favorite producer (cliche’s be damned) and he’s one of the best artists out there to experiment with song structure and sampling in way that feels visionary. That’s not easy to do considering how many other talented cats attempt to do the same thing but Onra mixes, remixes, crate digs, and arranges songs in a way that makes it seems like he’s capable of time travel in the way that he manages to sound futuristic or retro whenever he wants.

Below, check out the latest video for his cut, “Sitting Back” that definitely hits you with an all ’80s vibe unlike any other music video I’ve seen created this decade. This is all stuff that comes from some of the cheesiest global 80s clips you’ve probably never seen. As a certified ’80s baby, this one hits me in the right spot visually and the song is pure audible genius.

Onra – Sitting Back – Official Video from Matt Ferran on Vimeo.

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