This one hurts to give away, but it’s for the greater good. Lunice, a certified LxNxM favorite, and one of the cadre of internet homies, is a well-recognized dancefloor wrecker from the very very now. If you were to turn the dial back about 16 years now (hot spit), you’d find LA lads Tha Alkaholiks doing similar dancefloor damage via their 1995 release “Daam”. Nice.

And now, thanks to a simple but highly effective blend by DJ Alarm, you can have Lunice and Tha Liks all in one place. Alarm took the instrumental beast that is Lunice’s “Freaky” and threw the “Daam” vocals over the top, bringing out the best of both.

It seriously does hurt not to just keep this one close to the chest for the next dj gig, but who would we be to deprive you of something so good?

The Alkaholiks & Lunice – Daaam Alarm Rmx by Dj Alarm

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