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big jam from london’s funkineven played through on benji b’s BBC show last week. it’s called “roland jam” and is HUGE. (via)

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Here is a spooky banger from Copenhagen based one man show, CHLLNGR, a.k.a. Steve Borth. Some experimental dub leaves me feeling like I’m lost in an underground reggae cavern. CHLLNGR beats are driven smartly by crispy claps and pulsing bass, the synths on “Ask For” funk hard – reminiscent of MC breed’s ’91′G anthem “No Future in Yo’ Frontin.“ Look out for the CHLLNGR full length HAVEN set to drop on Green Owl this July.  Also see the ear-gems below. Good lookin out to the homies @Dutty Artz.

The XX “Islands” (CHLLNGR remiXX) by CHLLNGR

we at LxNxM are proud to present the next installment of our now official monthly night at MOE BAR – SOUNDSYSTEM. it’ll go down THIS COMING THURSDAY, JUNE 16th, starting around 9:00pm.

if you came through the last time, you’ll know what to expect: great music, cool people, ass shaking, booze drinking, good times. we’ll have resident blogger DJs tang and toast playing everything you’re used to hearing here (plus all the things we’re too lazy to post), plus special guest (and member of mad rad) DJ darwin.

oh yeah: and it’s FREE.

THURSDAY, JUNE 16th 9:00pm
DJs tang & toast
special guest: DJ darwin
MOE BAR (10th and pine)

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I recently read a statement released by Vybz Kartel saying that he was no longer going to be doing the “gun talk” thing in his music.  I thought that was a cool move and all, but I was a little skeptical to be honest with you.  Then I found this bombshell, and all I can say is, “wow.  you had me fooled, Vybz.”

Many of you have heard or seen the recent accusations made by my former associates in the past few weeks. I don’t know why all of these individuals, think the most appropriate action to take after a philosophical difference occurs is to go to the press and attack me.

I can only say that I am reminded of Bob Marley’s admonishments when he said man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust…your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy…I shall say no more, other than who the cap fit, mek them wear it. I am issuing this statement because I think these accusations are due to a breach of confidentiality as certain individuals got wind of my upcoming projects and initiatives and they know they can’t stop me without resorting to underhanded tactics.

See Jamaica, Vybz Kartel has been carrying a secret for a very long time and I think it is time that I reveal it before persons try to derail the projects that I have put together by continuing to make false reports about me in their attempt to have me muzzled.two years ago, I had an epiphany whilst on stage. I saw thousands of people screaming for Kartel, jumping up and down, listening to ever word that I uttered on stage, it was like the people were eating out of the palm of my hands. At that moment, something strange came over me, as I heard the people screaming for more, I suddenly realized that my calling was to be more than a Deejay.

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When San Anto DJ, producer, collaborator and overall tastemaker Sonora puts his name on a product, you can be pretty well assured that you’re going to walk away happy. Mister Longoria is back in the thick of things with a spanking hot new mix with collaborator LeDoom – the Love Affairs Mix.

It’s partly a promo for Sonora and LeDoom’s new San Antonio club night (aptly titled Love Affairs – it goes down tonight at Limelight for all you Texans), and as such it’s short and sweet. Every track is a rework by one of the two brainiacs behind the night, with original tracks ranging from Aayliyah to James Blake and straight on to Gun Selectah.

The overall vibe is a half hour-long understated, moombahton-infused glide. You might even say it’s perfect for a sunny Friday evening.

Sonora & LeDoom – Love Affairs Mix by SONORA

It’s no secret that a good remix goes a long way. When Jamie XX flipped Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” last year, it was grand. And now the big homies over at the Heatwave conspired to flip it one step further, dropping verses from Cecile, Mr. Lexx and Timberlee into the mix.

Now one of the coldest remixes of the last couple years has created fire. Warm yourself.

Download: Adele & Jamie XX vs Cecile, Mr Lexx & Timberlee Rolling In The Heat (The Heatwave Refix)

Here’s a new mix that just hit the interwebs from Vancouver-based selector/producer/SchitHead Blondtron. She’s gained a good amount of exposure doing stuff with the Red Bull Music Academy in the past and for putting out a solid mixtape with Prince Zimboo a month that caught Tang’s attention. We’d love to see her make the mini trek down to Seattle to play one of our upcoming Soundsystem dates this summer. Until that gets solidified, let’s peep this new moombahton refix that she just flipped from the T.E.E.D. boys. If you’re not familiar with that crew, get in to ‘em below. Dance-y tracks for days.

“Monster (T.E.E.D. Remix Blondtron Moombahton Switchup)”

Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaur Remix
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remixes / productions by darlingartists

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Apparently, the revolution is being televised after all and Gil Scott-Heron just didn’t have Al Jazeera. That isn’t meant to be flippant, it’s the damn truth. But when the late great Gil Scott-Heron came out with his seminal “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” piece in 1970, it super-charged urban poetry, planted a seed for hip-hop, and solidified his reputation as a musician that deserved to be taken seriously.

I won’t spent much time offering a mini eulogy of the man although he was a huge influence on my life. I’ve played Pieces of a Man on repeat more times than I could possibly count and his other soul-bearing pieces like “The Bottle” and “Home is Where the Hatred Is” showcased his ability to open up his own wounds to the world so that others could heal, even if it meant that he could not. He sort of had that Richard Pryor thing where he laughed about and showcased his own addictions to help others get through theirs. Pryor gets credit for that all the time, Heron never really did.

All of this reminds me that there’s an entire generation of music listeners out there young and old that never paid attention to Gil Scott-Heron’s music at all but will most likely begin now. Just like all the folks who listened to J-Dilla after he passed away. It’s a natural phenomenon. And let’s be real, folks need cliff notes. If you fit that description (and there’s no shame in that) or simply want to hear some of Heron’s best work compiled in one place, Cookin’ Soul has got you covered. Download his latest offering, The Revolution Will Be Televised and listen to it while you delve into Al Jazeera tonight.

This is one of the best music videos I’ve seen emerge from Seattle in awhile. Stephan Gray has a knack for shooting top notch, firebrand music vids (this we all know) but he came extra correct with this latest black and white gem. It’s the first video from Thad of State of the Artist and Taysean of Helladope’s overly slept on project, Adventures in a Helluvastate that came out on Members Only/Cloud Nice earlier this year. You’ll see Taysean AKA Swan Coltrane blowing some of the best smoke clouds captured on film and Thadwick staying fresh and freckled as always.