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It’s been awhile since many of us heard anything from J Bizness. The California-based beat maker and production whiz made a name for himself several years back as a West Coast guy who could make beats that belonged to know particular region at all. Similar in respect to Hi-Tek, Bizness was/is versatile in what he cranks out, which is why he won the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle in ’09.

In the interim, he’s sort of married his Illregular Instrumentals company with FWMJ’s and dropped some beat tapes that didn’t get as much attention as they should. Branding? Internet attention spans? Who knows? But he put something out today that people should definitely check. Especially producers and DJs.

The concept is simple: he’s flipping classic material and breaks into new compositions. Soul, jazz, electro, classic rock (think “Heart of Gold”) and everything is all fair game. And naturally, he’s letting people have it for free. All you need to do is give it a click and get your wig flipped.

Never count out Sizzla. The man was king of one-drop reggae for a period of time earlier last decade and, when he feels up to it, shows listeners that he could be king of one-drop reggae all by himself again. Kalonji recently linked up with Brasiliero producers, Eduardo “Bid” Bidlovski and Gustah Sola to put out a missile of a song for the soon to be released Bambas Dois project.

The video is nice, the riddim is beyond nice, and vocally, Sizzla is on his A+ game. Check it below, then head to Largeup for the backstory behind all of this.

check out this video for “swim good,” one of the jams off of frank ocean’s still-good (and still freenostalgia, ultra.

SF rapper Hopie is starting to grow on me. Aside from being couture and very easy on the eyes, one can sense that she’s a heart warrior with a good message that she wants people to hear. Her style is very West Coast and almost more spoken word than rap, but that’s what makes her unique. While it took a minute for this song to grow on me, the visuals attached to “Like Love” definitely make it worth watching.

Also…she gets astral on fools alongside fellow outer planetary rapper Del The Funky Hoposapien. Check her new album, Raw Gems, which is out now. Learn more about her via this interview as well.

Space Case from David Dutton on Vimeo.

Thanks to the new homie Zuzuka Poderosa, I’ve been reminded how much I love Carioca bass. I’d been a fan of baile funk for awhile, but stopped listening. Zukuka is making me rethink that. She brings it full steam when she touches the microphone and more folks need to check her out, either online or in person if she’s swinging through your city. Check out her full in-studio set on KEXP with the other new homie , DJ Chilly.

Also worth watching. Ayyayyay candy galore

And a recent interview from the folks at KnocksteadyTV

Podcast #69: KS Presents – Zuzuka Poderosa by Knocksteady

We like to save the best secrets until they’ve aged just right, and this one’s just about ready. Tonight, Thursday September 15th, Last Night’s Mixtape is proud to bring you a special performance from Brooklyn’s queen of Carioca funk, Zuzuka Poderosa herself.

Carioca bass was born to make you move, and Zuzuka runs Carioca bass. You won’t have many chances to see a free (yeah, free) show by one of the biggest up and coming names in the world of global bass music too often, and tonight is one of them. As always, Last Night’s Mixtape’s own residents will down the tables, and you might just end up with another surprise guest or two (no promises…).

Not too shabby, eh? We’ll see you there tonight! We’ll be kicking things off around ten. Perfect timing.

Soundsystem goes down at Moe Bar (1425 10th Ave) every third Thursday of the month. At Soundsystem, Last Night’s Mixtape – your blog of record for good musics – showcases and highlights the best music from clubs and dancehalls all around the world. Filthy!

Seattle hip-hop is so full of note-worthy releases this year that a lot of good projects have fallen victim to internet attention spans. Producer 10.4 Rog and baby-faced rapper the Good Sin put out a project called Late that was jazzy and far more downtempo than a lot of people would have expected, and for that reason, I loved it. The album didn’t get nearly enough attention as it deserved, but now that there’s a video for the song “Bad About You,” hopefully more people go and revisit Late.

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There’s one downside to being an early adopter in today’s culture — you rarely get credit for it. In terms of being on top of global music (especially what’s coming out of Africa), there is hardly anyone that was relaying it back to the analog or digital masses better than Banning Eyre and his crew at Afropop Worldwide. Do they get any substantial credit for it… of course not.

Still, Afropop was smart enough during their early days to figure out how important multi-media was to their mission. They foraged across various continents searching for the world’s best music (long before Putumayo existed) and then broadcasted it via radio, the web, and even at concerts to raise awareness about the amazing global artists who were going largely ignored by American audiences. Eyre, who I’ve had the pleasure of eating Thai food with here in Seattle, is still keeping the Afropop torch burning brightly and readers of this blog post should spend some time on the Afropop sites, especially Hipdeep.

Now they’ve got a mixtape! It only makes sense. Check out some cool Malian blues, neo-cumbia, fresh Latin grooves, and jams from the global Diaspora.

The Mixtape Special by Afropop Worldwide

P.S. Our very Tang is a black Peruvian (among other things) and if you want to know a bit more about his culture, check this.