Valentine’s Day is great, right? Show some love, eat some chocolate, roses everywhere, etc. So if Valentine’s Day is so great, how come it gets so corny so fast? I don’t get it either – people showing love is on some basic human primal emotional goodness for me.

But I digress.

In order to combat the cornball, below are two Valentine’s Day mixes that won’t make you feel all Hollywood-ending if you turn them up loud. Plus, you can drop them all year. Two for two; that’s called a win.

First up is Raka Love, a special drop from everybody’s favorite Panama/Bay duo Los Rakas. Raka Rich and Raka Dun are on the verge of blowing up into something big and great, and with every release they’ve taken another step in the right direction. Raka Love is the latest, and one of the best so far.

Secondly is the third and final installment of Generation Bass’s free Moombahluv mixtape series. In case you haven’t had enough screwed Dutch house/dembow/etc (and judging by the fact that everyone’s doing moombaheverything now, our guess is you haven’t), then this mix will scratch your itch for smooth, supple, sexy sounds (see what I did there?). All snark aside, it’s a goddamn good mix.

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