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Not for nothing, there’s probably nobody else on earth tougher than folks from Afghanistan. They’re putting up with a total U.S. onslaught, a Taliban onslaught and God knows what else, without giving up at all. What exactly does that mean, who knows, but I sense they’re some tough motherfuckers. I found this image online a couple of days ago thanks to something the homie Peter Dean Rickards tweeted out and have been fascinated by it ever since.

Today, while still compelled by this photograph, I went on Soundcloud and wondered if there are any Afghani’s with Soundcloud accounts. It’s the concept that even amidst death, war and carnage, there’s still time to make music and dance. I didn’t find any DJs in Kabul with Soundclouds, but I did discover a solid mix from a cat named DJ Wise that’s worth a listen. Ever wondered what Afghan music is like? Probably not, but dig deep and find out below. That is if you’re a real music head.