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What the hell. This weekend was on some grown business. Maybe it was something cosmic and universe-balancing (what with SXSW going through its final spasms and Thursday’s Soundsystem still ringing in our ears), or maybe it was the fact that our neck of the woods is still dealing with snow (sun and mid-70′s everywhere else, we see you).

Regardless, this weekend was one for appreciating the finer things in life, and in that spirit, here’s some of the sounds that guided me through it, from London’s ARP 101, to Detroit’s Tall Black Guy, to Seattle’s own Keyboard Kid and Kingdom Crumbs.

Had a crazy weekend of bbq, Shiner Bock and long lines? So be it. Let this be your unwinding. Welcome.

It’s another installment of Sunday Sweatpants Jams, aka songs to listen to while you’re comfy on a chilly Sunday, climate change be damned. Get some cocoa, turn the lights down low, or whatever it is that puts you in your lane. Ah, Sundays. And sweatpants. Enjoy!

First up is “Yesterday”, a new one from London superduperfly producer Eric Lau. You probably wouldn’t expect Guilty Simpson to be your Sunday relaxation music, but on this jazzy number, it works. Plus, vocals from  fellow Brit Fatima (aka Eglo Records‘ soul diva) and DC/UK singer Olivier Daysoul round it out to something vurry nice.

Yesterday (feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul) by Eric Lau

And speaking of Olivier Daysoul, a little over a year ago he put out a smooth little collaboration with Diamond Districteer Oddissee, entitled Mr. Saint Louis. It may not be brand new, but Daysoul’s voice and Odd’s melodic production are a winning combination. And like a fine wine, some things get better with maturity.

Nextly, here’s a little something from another member of the Eglo Records familia. This time, it’s ARP101, whose productions have been making me smile very regularly. He’s got that Funkineven energy with a little extra slip to it, making for some heavy records.

Kito & Reija Lee . Sweet Talk (ARP101′s Boogified Mix) by ARPâ–˛101

And last, but certainly not least, is Seattle’s own Keyboard Kid. One of Lil B’s main producers and a longtime advocate for all things #based, dude’s been pumping out instrumental goodies for a years now. For some reason we’ve never highlighted him on these august pages, so we’ll start to make things right with his October release The Mind Is So Complex When You’re Based. Beautiful.