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Did you say you wanted some rock-solid, high-quality classic hip hop? Alright, we got you. This here is The Blackest Brown EP, the latest fruit of the long-running collaboration between two Seattle artists: producer B. Brown and mc/producer D. Black.

Black is the guy who’s evolution from street gunner to spiritual thinker received heaps of attention following the release of his latest solo project, Ali’yah. B. Brown is less in the spotlight, but as a musical collaborator for Black and the Sportn’ Life family, he’s put his distinctive sonic mark on many of the finest local releases over the last five or so years.

On this ep, Black and Brown pull together a solid roster of supporting characters, including Fatal Lucciano, SK, Grynch, and Spaceman. Some of the tracks have popped up on various releases previously, but there are some serious new ventures, including the standout “My Mitzvot,” which features Black singing and rapping over nothing more than a simple acoustic guitar and a light dash of percussion.

It’s solid, front to back. Somebody’s somewhere is makingĀ  a movie, and this ep’s going to be the soundtrack.

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