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Anybody that’s up on their reggae should know about the delicate-yet-raunchy goodness of Gyptian’s “Hold Yah.” It’s precious bedroom bully music, but in order for most reggae songs to break in the U.S. market, they typically need some hip-hop features.

In smart fashion, the folks at VP Records (Gyptian’s label) decided to use Billy Blue and Nikki Minaj on the remix hoping it would help capture the ear of South Florida and New York at once. Well played. Take a listen to this “Hold Ya” Minaj-a-troi version. Ha! I actually do like it better than the original and can’t even imagine how it will sound if Ghislain Poirier gets his grubby French Canadian hands on this one.

The first time I connected with Billy Blue, I was working on an assignment for FADER about the Opa Locka Goon himself, Brisco. I headed to the Poe Boy Records stable to interview Bris, but can vividly remember being more blown away by his fellow labelmate, Billy Blue, whose raps felt raw like a gory wound before the blood had even clotted. That’s not to be confused with Blood Raw, but you get the point.

Ever since then, the North Miami representative has climbed a lot further than people expected. He’s emerged as the more sensible and down-to-earth member of the label. While so many rappers in Miami are known for being Hollywood, Blue, who’s a proud Haitian, is more likely to be yelling out “Sak PasĂ©” at his concerts with an entire audience of people screaming back, “M’ap boulĂ©” in response.

That’s not to say he’s rapping in Kreyol –dude definitely raps in hood — but it’s almost like his songs are made for shantytowns and favelas instead of just regular shitty neighborhoods. It’s hip-hop for the slumdog millionaires of the world if that makes sense. Born poor but living rich as cream.

Blue recently put out a new track called “Whoa” that’s caught my ear at the moment. There’s no telling if this will be on his debut album, The Story of My Life, but it’s worth digesting just to get a better feel for who he is. Check out the song here.