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We all loved her and will miss her dearly. One thing that’s for certain is that her music will live on forever…and the remixes are only getting started. Rest easy, Whitney. The producers and blogs can take it from here.

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Montreal. What the hell? Where did you come from? From which frozen north did you spring? And is it your streets lined with baguette, and a poutine in every home that creates such a high quality crop of musicians?

Whatever. I don’t get it. But I’m glad you are the way you are.

One duder that I’m just getting up to speed on is Boogat, trilingual rapper, producer, and (self-described) vocalist.

About a month ago, Boogat teamed up with the chamleonlike Poirier (he’s been everywhere, right? Even bumped into him at that one bbq joint in Austin, but whatever) to release the Esperanto Sound System mixtape.

The premise is simple: work a combo of original beats and instrumental jacking through a cohesive vocal wringer, mix it smoothly, and unleash it upon the world.

The results are pretty rad – it’s pretty fun to see Chromeo, Geko Jones, Mexican Institute of Sound, and Ej Hijo de la Cumbia (among many others) all in one place. Boogat does his own damn thing well, jumping from producer to producer without missing a beat. In the end it’s a nice package of varied sounds that fits neatly under the so-broad-as-to-be-pointless “Tropical Bass” umbrella. Plus, it’s free.