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As Wordlush said, as much as we here at LxNxM wish we could be in London (or Cape Town, or Tokyo, or Lima), our home and heart is in the Great Northwest. Sometimes you’ve gotta rep your own, so here are a couple local projects you should keep on your radar.

OCnotes – What’s Your Sign?

Firstly, there’s a new drop from everyone’s favorite beatmaker/visionary/soothsayer, OCnotes. Of late, OC has been ridiculously prolific, with a number of releases out free to the world, plus an ongoing gusher of creative output, from live performance to visual art.

OC/Otis has been a longtime favorite in these parts, and we’ll keep pushing him until the rest of the world catches up. Yes, we do feel that way.

Download his latest, What’s Your Sign, and spend some time browsing through the rest of the world of OCnotes.

Darwin – The Very Best mixtape

Another Seattle staple is Darwin – DJ, cumbia king, and all around mover and shaker. This is actually a slightly-too-late posting, as the mix is one part promotion for a show that recently occurred (oops – sorry!). That said, it’s still a high quality mix, and worth getting into your life.

The mix takes a stroll through some of quality selections bubbling up out of the many musical hotbeds across Africa. Despite being the inspiration, no tracks appear from London/Malawi crew The Very Best.

It’s always interesting to hear how different DJs approach constructing mixes that have such specific focuses. Darwin brings a good spread of taste and selection, and The Very Best packs a healthy amount of bounce into its twenty-ish minutes.

Download The Very Best mixtape right herrrrre.

Def Dee – Take That (Mase remixes)

This one is just plain fun. Boom bappish producer Def Dee goes into the crucial Bad Boy vaults and reimagines Mase through an entirely different sonic fabric.

I never though Welcome Back could become a wistful rumination, but that’s where Def Dee takes it, and it’s that sort of script flipping that makes these remixes so highly enjoyable.

Plus, any excuse to listen to some Mase should be taken, especially midsummer.

Yowza. I wasn’t in attendance for Lil B’s show at Neumos in Seattle last night, but maaaaaan do I wish I’d made it for Seattle #based rep Keyboard Kid’s opening set. We’ve given Keyboard Kid a fair amount of pixels over the last few months, but it’s hard to keep up when he’s moving so fast, and he is most definitely in the process of blowing up.

The video above – taken by Radjaw of Mad Rad/Out for Stardom, and featuring fellow OFS’er and LxNxM homie Darwin – captures what seems to be as bassy good a set as anyone could hope for. Trunk rattling, heavy, big drops, all the good stuff. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Oh, and that whole thing about Keyboard Kid moving quickly? Yeah – dude’s got a new ep out for your enjoyment. The Transition is a heavier stomper of a record, with nice saw synths and tempo switch-ups galore. Support and #thankyoubasedgod.

This is rad. Two of Seattle’s finest – #based super-producer Keyboard Kid and cumbia king Darwin – recently got off the road from a joint mini-tour. One of their stops was New York’s New Museum – a Bowery landmark and all around amazing space to play a show.

Smart guys that they are, Keyboard Kid and big Darwin recorded their set, and now we have it to enjoy in the confines of our own homes. It’s good selections, good original productions, and good mixing. More than good, actually – it’s a total set, and it makes me very excited at the possibility of future collaborations in the future.


It’s been a busy weekend (yadda yadda etc), but I finally got around to getting the photos from last week’s edition of Soundsystem up and running.

In case you weren’t there, it was a good old fashioned party, one of the best in a minute.

Plus, Zuzuka Poderosa did a special performance, aka did her dang thing, bringing more Carioca funk than Moe Bar has ever seen before (that feels like a safe statement), and Darwin’s guest set was beauty in motion.

Add beautiful people into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a great night. Oh yeah, and happy birthday, Arielle!

It’s a movement, people.

Pictures are always worth a thousand words, and we’ve got pics. Enjoy!

Many more below the jump…

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Okay, so we’re reeeally looking forward to this one. On September 13th, Zuzuka Poderosa, Brasileira via New York,  carioca diva, and all-around bass enthusiast, is touching down in Seattle at the Nectar Lounge.

Last Night’s Mixtape is proud to be part of the team helping put on the show (along with the homies Out For Stardom, Conrazon and Chilly), and our regular Soundsystem team Tang & Toast will be holding down the dancefloor, along with Darwin and DJ Chaach.

We’ve written about Zuzuka before – her take on the carioca bass sound is unique and (dare we say?) unstoppable. It really is a a simple equation: a badass performer with heavy heavy baile beats. If Charlie Sheen were still a meme, we would term that to be #winning.

It’s a rare opportunity to have one of the world’s finest purveyors of bass dropping in on your doorstep, and word on the street is her live shows kill/crush/destroy in all the right ways – her swing through Cali was a) sold out, and b) reportedly “mayhem.”

You want to be at Nectar on September 13th. It’s Brazil on your goddamn porch. You know you want it. Get your tickets now while you still can, and we’ll see you there.

SHOWCASE mix Volume 6: DARWIN by Showcase_Mixes on Mixcloud

Through thick and through thin, the thing that keeps everyone going is good people. Corny? Maybe, but family is what it’s about. Which is why it’s so nice to see two members of the extended LxNxM fam doing good things together.

Shorthand, aka one half of the world infamous Filejerks, curates a mixtape series called Showcase (yeah, that reads awkwardly. No, I don’t think there’s a better way to do it). The latest installment in the series – number six, to be precise – features none other than cumbiahton specialist and guest DJ at last month’s Soundsystem, Darwin.

Combine two people with good taste, and the result is gold. Git it in.

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