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Hirsute rapper Kool A.D. is staying busy pushing out music since his former group, Boy Crisis Das Racist, broke up several months ago. He’s put out two mixtapes since moving back to the Bay Area and he’s named them after particular bus routes throughout the Bay. He also dropped a visually stunning new video the other day for his song, “Moneyball” that is mostly striking due to the crazy scenery and cerebral blowjob it gives anyone that watches it. The Mike Finito beat that he raps over is crazy as well. Lyrically, Kool A.D. (Victor) is still all over the fucking place. He’s internet art rap for internet art rap’s sake and while parts of it come off as inauthentic, he’s still way over most people’s heads with concepts and rhymes.

New York-based comedy rapper Heems just dropped more comedy rap with his new video for the song “Soup Boys.” The ex Das Racist member apparently wants all of us to think more about drones… and chocolate chip cookies. The video is better than the rapping but whatever. It’s good to see Heems moving forward with his music. And there’s nothing wrong with making folks think more about drones. As Heems says, “That drone cool, but I hate that drone/Chocolate chip cookie dough in a sugar cone.” Get hip.

Greedhead and GoatFace Comedy have come together to bring us this very entertaining video for “Girl,” one of the more melodious tunes off of last year’s Relax. Fans of all things Das Racist should be on the lookout for Heems’ newest mixtape, Wild Water Kingdom, out later this week (hopefully).

Fast on the heels of Heems’ Nehru Jackets mixtape comes the next solo venture from the Das Racist camp. This time around, it’s the bearded homie Vic aka KOOL A.D. dropping 51, a 22-track-deep tape. On it, Vic stays true to his bi-coastal nature; like a musical colossus of Rhodes, he’s got one foot firmly rooted in the Bay, and the other planted somewhere in central Brooklyn.

And it works well – if anything, 51 is a testament to the fact that it’s possible to find common threads in the #based movement and the Nu York underground sounds, two technically distinct approaches to hip hop that haven’t seen a ton of crossover. Not an easy thing to do, and it requires the right person with the right vision. Vic’s done it once here, and the question now is who can take it the next step of the way.

And for the record: the Bay represents with verses from Main Attrakionz, Green Ova and Boots Riley from the Coup, and production from Amaze 88 and one of my personal favorites, Trackademicks. NYC is repped by Heems, Meyhem Lauren and Kassa Overall, and backed by beats from Mike Finito, Ketchphrase and more. It’s a packed house.


Black history month? Black history light years! Here’s a project that just came out today from a clique out of Chicago called BBU. It’s a 17 track mixtape named after lauded poet and laureate bell hooks and somehow mashes up black history with internet blister hop. There’s comedy here, a cameo from Das Racist, production by the Hood Internet and a different side of rap than most people might expect.

This isn’t meant to sound like Southside Chicago hip-hop or be all R.B.G. Dead Prez rap either but it does exist on the fringes of both styles. Listen and glisten at your own leisure.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s Monday. The one after Thanksgiving. All that turkey is still in your system making you pass out at work, but you’re pushing through it. Nice job, champ!

On the well-timed tip, the second episode of Das Racist/Dapwell‘s “web tv show” Chillin Island just dropped, which means you’ve now got something to do with your morning. No, it’s not music, but it’s close enough. Plus, this episode is almost twenty minutes long, so if you watch it twice, it’s practically lunch time already. Did somebody say leftovers??

Ah, Thanksgiving. Sure, it’s a celebration of colonialism and illegal invasion, but it’s also a day for that most important thing around you: friends, family, and the good people who make up the constellation of your life. In a convenient piece of synchronicity, NYC’s Tecla just released The THANK$GIVING Mixtape, an hour long dip into future sounds that is absolutely, crucially, a family affair.

The mixtape features guest appearances and production from the current crop of New York’s rising moguls, including those wacky Das Racist fellows, Kassa and Carlos Overall both, Lakutis, Gordon Voidwell, and Fat Tony. It’s not unreasonable to imagine some of this album coming together before, during or after a long dinner among friends.

The mix is an evolution for Tecla, building off her last release Strangers in Masks, and moving from that release’s future r&b sound into a happy combination of outre boom bap and late night bump. It’s an album that gets its priorities straight, and puts the focus on good times and good people. If only there were some gravy to pout on top…

Download: Tecla – The THANK$GIVING Mixtape

When it comes to dropping lyrics in songs that could easily be comedic punchlines, perhaps nobody is better at it right now than Danny Brown and the duders in Das Racist. Both entities love to make jaws drop and don’t mind making panties drop either. Both will be at Neumos tonight making folks laugh, pay attention, and of course dance.
If you’re not hip to Danny yet, frankly you’re just slow. He’s performing in Seattle for the first time tonight and that’s reason enough to come and support the show. Peruse this cover story. Hell yes I wrote it. You can also check out these videos below. Dude is nasty when it comes to the craft of rapping if you like hip-hop for what it, was, and will be in the future, come check out Danny do his thing.

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Summer just got a little brighter thanks to LxNxM fam Das Racist, who released the first single off their upcoming “debut” album, Relax, today. It’s an official necksnappin, partyrockin, monster of a rap song.

As per usual, the DR dudes go bananas. Heems switched the style up a lil bit, though, and went extra tough on this one. Victor, aka Kool A.D., continues to bring some of the (s)ill(i)est free-word association raps since early Ghostface. Dap is somewhere in the background wilding out… or just chilling, drinking tea.

Keep your eyeballs peeled for the official video coming soon. Get the single on itunes or amazon. Pre-order the entire album at insound. Buy it everywhere on 9/13.