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Krieg posted a rip of this track from Benji B’s show a couple weeks ago, but I just found the official video and thought you might enjoy watching FunkinEven run around dressed like a werewolf, Roland gear in tow, and getting into all kinds of trouble. I know I did.

big jam from london’s funkineven played through on benji b’s BBC show last week. it’s called “roland jam” and is HUGE. (via)

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It’s almost painful to let this one out of the bag, but it’s too good to keep hidden away. FunkinEven is British producer Stevie-J, signed to London’s upstart space funk label Eglo Records. You may remember Eglo from the jammy Soul Glo, by Fatima, a track that was produced by the guy FunkinEven himself. It was/is filthy.

Well good news, there’s a short EP of FunkinEven production now floating around these webs. It’s titled “Kleer” and features Fatima again on two of the tracks. It’s on some neck-breaking Dam Funk mixed with Sa-Ra business, and earns the official LxNxM cosign. Download it below, and also make sure to get the most Last Night’s Mixtape, Volume 2, featuring some similar throwdowns.

Download: FunkinEven – Kleer

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This is some sexy, future, old school, funky soul music right here, courtesy of UK DJs FunkinEven (aka Stevie J) and Mr. Wonderful (aka Guido Fawkes).  Put this on your playlist between the Dam Funk and Party Robot mixtapes.