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The name of the group is killer. Their debut video is boss. The concept behind the group is solid. Here’s to hoping people catch on to what Swetshop Boys are putting down right now.

I first met Riz MC at SXSW in 2007 or 2008 and his music was cool but his story was better. He’s an actor first and foremost (with a decent film résumé that people would recognize), but also a heady MC that raps about conspiracy theories and what it’s like being a Pakistani young artist in London and get shit for being a Pakistani young artist in London. NEVER would have thought he’d end up in a group with the forever talented Hima-face of Das Racist Greedhead Records.

It’s a brilliant pairing. And there’s some important Indian/Pakistani unity that comes out of a duo like this that people need to see. Real talk. Big shouts to Hima for being on permanent sabbatical on the better side of the world (India, Thailand, Australia, etc) and making music the whole time. Here’s the Swetshop Boys first single…”Benny Lava.”

New York-based comedy rapper Heems just dropped more comedy rap with his new video for the song “Soup Boys.” The ex Das Racist member apparently wants all of us to think more about drones… and chocolate chip cookies. The video is better than the rapping but whatever. It’s good to see Heems moving forward with his music. And there’s nothing wrong with making folks think more about drones. As Heems says, “That drone cool, but I hate that drone/Chocolate chip cookie dough in a sugar cone.” Get hip.

Brand spanking new track from the ever-present NYC/SEA continuum. This time it’s the homie Himanshu of Das Racist, and #based beatsman Keyboard Kid. It’s off Heems’ upcoming Wild Water Kingdom project, and it comes highly recommended.

Download here.

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Bits and pieces have been cropping over the last couple months, but today it went official: Heems, aka Das Racist honcho and Greedhead capo aka the homie Himanshu, dropped his solo debut, the Nehru Jackets mixtape.

The entire enterprise has an entirely crewed up vibe. 100% of production duties are handled by fellow QNS repper Mike Finito, and there are guest verses from across the spectrum of the Das Racist extended family, including Kool AD/Vic Vazquez, Lakutis, Danny Brown, Fat Tony, Big Baby Gandhi, Action Bronson and Despot.

There’s an updated East Coast sound to the entire project – samples figure heavily, but the boom bap is updated to a stomping, clapping shake. Nobody’s going to mistake this for a backwards-looking retread; Nehru Jackets has an entirely forward looking sound, and maintains it for 25 tracks, an incredibly rare feat in the era of blog rap and Mediafire.

Also rad: Heems released the tape in partnership with Seva NY, a community organization in Queens that builds leadership in under-resourced communities, throwing the release party at a Seva event, and putting Seva youth onto the album itself. It’s not often enough that folks in make the leap from cultural tastemaker into a very very grassroots organization. It’s definitely a good look for Hima, in my opinion, and just one more good reason to get Nehru Jackets into your rotation.

Download Nehru Jackets here, and listen to a couple songs below, in modern “You Tube O Vision”.

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Who knew that Himanshu (Heems) Suri would ever refix a Katy Perry track? If you say, “I did,” you’re a motherfucking liar. Nevertheless, one of the funniest rappers from Queens has chopped, flipped, and rapped over Katy’s Perry’s omnipresent jam of 2010, “Teenage Dream.” Check it out below. And for more commentary from brother Hima, check out a piece that came out today from yours truly in the Metro Times of Detroit on Das Racist. The trio are cracking jokes the whole time.

Das Racist’s Heems x Katy Perry – Teenage Dream by Hypetrak
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