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I ran into my man Grynch this past Saturday night at a snowboard DVD release party… weird, I know, and he hipped me to the fact that he was dropping a new music video at the top of this week. Naturally, I forgot so shame on me for letting 2wackboys get it up before us here at LxNxM. Check it. The song is from mid 2011 if not earlier but the proper visuals for it just arrived yesterday.

The track is produced by Jake One and features Grynch’s classic Volvo, Golden Gardens beach, Billy the Fridge, a tasty sandwich from Paseo and various other Seattle highlights. Beyond the aesthetic, it also showcases Grynch’s ability to tell story raps better than he gets credit for and stay right in his own pocket while riding a beat.

It’s been awhile since Seattle thoroughbred emcee Fatal Lucciauno jumped on a track and really expressed himself to the streets. This afternoon Fatal released a track to let people know he is the last cat you’d ever want to sleep on or take lightly. The fact that fellow Seattle producer Jake One is on the boards helps enhance and bring out that aggressive rap style Fatal is known for.

As much as I hate to admit it, Fatal is at his best when he’s a pissed off and tired threatening folks. That’s his lane lyrically and while he’s versatile enough to rap about anything he damn well pleases, “Warm Ups” is Fatal all day. Play this via your laptop speakers if you must (I am) but I’m dying to hear this one knock on a real system.

And here’s what it sounded like the last time Fatal and Jake Uno got busy on a track.

I hope J. Pinder’s music catches on beyond Seattle, Atlanta, and anywhere else the young emcee chooses to live. He’s got a smooth as silk flow, solid financial backing (shout outs to Jake One/J. Moore etc.) and a good heart. Here’s his latest video from the Code Red EP that he released late last year. The horns and jazzy touches you’ll hear on song suits Pinder well and it seems like the young buck may have finally found his lane.

We like mixtapes up in this biz, and we like people who send them to us (hint hint: One such person is LxNxM affiliate/associate/G-Unit Hollis Wong-Weezy, aka Ispire of Canary Sing. Hollis put together a little something something of the music that’s getting her up and out in the morning, including an exclusive preview of the Canary Sing remix of Dead Prez’s Mind Sex.

The mix goes by the handle i can’t help it, and it’s good isht, running the gamut from some BK-One/Haiku d’Etat to Senegal repper/rapper Sister Fa. The full tracklist is below the jump, so start downlading that goodness, and peruse the full selection. Get that!

Wongweezy – Mixtape from Last Night #1, i can’t take it

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My dude Swervewon, a.k.a Louis, has been payin dues and catchin wreck on the 1′s and 2′s ever since relocating to the Seattle from Big Sky country- Montana. Without getting too far into detail, but to give love and props, I have to say Swerve has maneuvered through mad hardship and professional setbacks – and consistently emerges more committed to quality hip hop music and performance – all the while maintaining a generous spirit. For a hot sec he was the Dj in my old crew estrella with Taybot, I always appreciated his hustle and love for the music.

Now to this mixtape. Anyone who has seen Swerve knows he can turn a party out. The GO! machine mixtape showcases his taste and connection to the Seattle Hip Hop Scene- which, for those of you sleepin, is currently percolating like a french press in the mornintime.  The buzz on this mix lasts throughout – and the track list includes some diverse MVP’s from the emerald city’s varsity squad of 09.  Shouts to raindrophustla, and of course Swervewon for this dope mix.

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I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to Freeway.  But, really, when he isn’t yelling into the mic, or repeating the same word over and over in his rhymes, he’s actually a pretty good emcee (that reads way harsher than I intend it to, but it’s true).  I mean, you can tell he’s really feelin what he’s spittin, cuz he’s got that angsty flow.

Now that Philadelphia Freeway has teamed up with Seatown’s own Jake One, it’s a whole other story.  I am unequivocally behind this project.  Freeway has  mellowed out his style a lil bit, but he still manages to get his voice through, and he absolutely smashes the oh-so-smooth soul hop rhythms provided by Jake One.  Plus, with DJ Don Cannon (step back!), of Aphiliates and Gangsta Grillz fame, as DJ and host, you can’t go wrong.  Don’t sleep.  Download this mixtape and prepare yourself for the album, The Stimulus Package, which is coming out on Rhymesayers in February 2010.

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Shouts to local boy done good Ish, aka Butterfly from Digable Planets. Even amidst flying rumors and cancelled tours, it’s been a good year for him – from putting his Seattle foot down hard on Jake One’s Home to the “release” of his Shabazz Palaces work (check for that if you haven’t yet, fyi).

And now we just had the luck to come across Sounds from the 7th Dimension, a new mix of Digable Planets isht by DJ Alex J. It’s some original space fire, a mix of the Digable you know and love, plus some remixes, unreleased tracks, and re-imaginings. A good luck inside the Digable heads, and worth your time to download, bump, and enjoy.

DJ Alex J – Digable Planets Present Sounds from the 7th Dimension

Thanks to Potholes in my blog for linking the exclusive. Good looks.

Local Product:  Seattle, WA

Nuff respect due to Jake One, Mike Clark and Cocaine Blunts for puttin this out.  Thanks to the homey P-Nice for introducing us to DJ Matthew Africa’s blog, through which I found this link.