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It’s almost painful to let this one out of the bag, but it’s too good to keep hidden away. FunkinEven is British producer Stevie-J, signed to London’s upstart space funk label Eglo Records. You may remember Eglo from the jammy Soul Glo, by Fatima, a track that was produced by the guy FunkinEven himself. It was/is filthy.

Well good news, there’s a short EP of FunkinEven production now floating around these webs. It’s titled “Kleer” and features Fatima again on two of the tracks. It’s on some neck-breaking Dam Funk mixed with Sa-Ra business, and earns the official LxNxM cosign. Download it below, and also make sure to get the most Last Night’s Mixtape, Volume 2, featuring some similar throwdowns.

Download: FunkinEven – Kleer

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