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Hirsute rapper Kool A.D. is staying busy pushing out music since his former group, Boy Crisis Das Racist, broke up several months ago. He’s put out two mixtapes since moving back to the Bay Area and he’s named them after particular bus routes throughout the Bay. He also dropped a visually stunning new video the other day for his song, “Moneyball” that is mostly striking due to the crazy scenery and cerebral blowjob it gives anyone that watches it. The Mike Finito beat that he raps over is crazy as well. Lyrically, Kool A.D. (Victor) is still all over the fucking place. He’s internet art rap for internet art rap’s sake and while parts of it come off as inauthentic, he’s still way over most people’s heads with concepts and rhymes.

Wherever you are, I hope it’s sunny. That’s the way it should be this time of year. And nothing goes better than a sunny afternoon or early evening than some quality instrumentals to set the mood.

This here is a brand new one from CHI/Philly/Nigeria productionist KechPhrase, who I’ve had my eye on for a minute, and who popped up most recently on Kool A.D.’s recent (and quality) 51 mixtape. The tape trends towards a digitized and updated take on classic 90′s boom bap, a trend that picks up where “Arrested Development” off 51 leaves off.

Some quality head nodding shit for your sunny afternoon!

Fast on the heels of Heems’ Nehru Jackets mixtape comes the next solo venture from the Das Racist camp. This time around, it’s the bearded homie Vic aka KOOL A.D. dropping 51, a 22-track-deep tape. On it, Vic stays true to his bi-coastal nature; like a musical colossus of Rhodes, he’s got one foot firmly rooted in the Bay, and the other planted somewhere in central Brooklyn.

And it works well – if anything, 51 is a testament to the fact that it’s possible to find common threads in the #based movement and the Nu York underground sounds, two technically distinct approaches to hip hop that haven’t seen a ton of crossover. Not an easy thing to do, and it requires the right person with the right vision. Vic’s done it once here, and the question now is who can take it the next step of the way.

And for the record: the Bay represents with verses from Main Attrakionz, Green Ova and Boots Riley from the Coup, and production from Amaze 88 and one of my personal favorites, Trackademicks. NYC is repped by Heems, Meyhem Lauren and Kassa Overall, and backed by beats from Mike Finito, Ketchphrase and more. It’s a packed house.


That’s right, I’m talking to you. Actually, no, not correct. DUMMO is, in fact, the latest collaboration between Das Racist rapmaster Kool A.D., aka Victor Vazquez, and Oaklandish shaman/lover of the finer things/producer Ben Sinclair, aka Lil’ Ben. Just about a year ago the duo put out the Zoot Fantastic mixtape, and just like (annual) clockwork, they’re back again.

DUMMO is a re-exploration of the avant sound avenues of Zoot Fantastic, bouncing between psych, freeform, and synthed-out groove. As always, Vic/Kool A.D. rides the musical elements with the free associations and cultural references (both pop and otherwise) that fuel much of his work.

Get get get it in.

Download: Kool A.D. and Lil’ Ben – DUMMO

Heems, Prince Paul, Victor Vazquez (Photo via teh Twitter of Ashok Kondabolu)

UPDATE: I am officially a terrible journalist. In fact, I’m not even a journalist. Turns out the KOOL A.D. aka Victor Vazquez Zoot Fantastic project isn’t an older thang thang, but is in fact brand new and fresh off the presses. I am officially an asshole. Continue, and download Zoot Fantastic.

You may know Victor Vazquez as the hairier of the dudes in Das Racist. Fair enough. Well, before Das Racist was in the picture (I think – trying to confirm some dates via the interwebs), Victor rolled solo under the KOOL A.D. moniker. Dap, aka Ashok Kondabolu aka the Hypeman’s Addendum aka the third leg of the Das Racist stool, just put a link to an early KOOL A.D. EP, Zoot Fantastic.

It’s a short drop, five songs (one running nine minutes long, damn son), and it’s not what you would call easy listening – high concept is one possible label (and if so, daddy must have it – h/t to Hari Kondabolu). Two cuts on it, Chalupa la Cheapa and Who This, are official cuts, and the other tracks are solid and offer something to digest, whether or not you would use it as a saturday night soundtrack. Plus, the whole thing is produced by the homie Lil’ Ben, out of Oakland, CA.

Perhaps think of this as a portrait of the artist as a young man. Good shit, and from what we’ve heard from DR and more, it’s getting better.

KOOL A.D. – Zoot Fantastic