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it has been too long since i checked in on john eden’s magnificent blog, uncarved. you might remember his digi-dancehall, et al. podcast that i posted awhile back. i still regularly listen to that in spite of the terrible bitrate, cut-off songs, and eden himself. well, rejoice, because this mix is high quality, all vinyl, and dialogue free. eden wrote a really nice write-up about these tracks that i’d encourage you to read. this mix is a nice companion to that gigantic greensleeves mixtape that tang recently posted.

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lovers rock, volume one – download

PS: eden also just posted a new volume of rsi radio, “a round up of reggae and dancehall infused grime from 2010″ that’s worth your time as well. if you like this song, you’ll probably like the whole thing.

Have you been longing for a new lovers rock/roots reggae mixtape to get you through your days?   Wait no longer, my friends.  I have found the cure for your jones.  Courtesy of  Berlin’s own El Commandante Sound, I present to you Mixtape Guerilla Vol. 11.  Download here, or stream below.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.902212&w=425&h=350&]

Tracklist after the jump

A lil’ while back, krieg hit you with a taste of  Jovi Rockwell, when he posted “Killin Dem.”  That song was decent, but not my favorite.  I mean, I was feelin it, but I didn’t have it on repeat or anything like that.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to Ms. Rockwell’s upcoming mixtape, Psycho Therapy, which is set to drop any day minute now.  Look for guest appearances by Diplo, Major Lazer,  Mr. Vegas,  Andy Milanokis, and none other than Akon himself.

This song, “Ben,” is a lot chiller than “Killin Dem.”  I think it’s a little more my style.  Her voice really comes through on the laidback lovers rock riddim.

She’s obviously got talent, she’s got some big names behind her, and she’s also very hot.  To boot, the eclectic Jamaica born/Jamaica-Miami bred singer has the blogs abuzz comparing her to Rihanna and MIA.  Maybe it’s just a lot of hype, but I can see her making it real big.

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If I had to think of the one contemporary reggae singer that’s carrying the legacy of lovers rock forward, it’s the one and only Jah Cure. The controversial crooner came up under the guidance of lovers rock king Beres Hammond. That alone probably would have made him the prince of the subgenre had he not gotten locked up for allegedly raping a woman back in 1999. Whether he did or didn’t do it is was once a hotly contested subject (with most people leaning toward the latter) but his music has been embraced by the Caribbean massive nonstop since he first went away. After being sentenced to 15 years in prison and serving eight, Cure was released in 2007, dropped a fire-brand compilation of his greatest hits called True Reflections, and then sort of tapered off. His output for releasing quality singles has waned a bit, but one of his latest cuts, “You’ll Never Find” is on point. Jah Cure fans should check out this video as well. Lovers rock all the way through.

DJ Kutfather

It’s finally Friday and no matter where you are, having some lovers rock in your life is never a bad thing. We’re not sure if we’ll make this a regular column, but it’s worth testing out. Let us know what you think. The first installment comes from DJ Kutfather, who currently lives in San Diego, but has a sizable Seattle following. He just put out his latest podcast and it features a ton of killer lover’s rock cuts that are perfect for a Friday afternoon/evening. You don’t have to be all coupled up to enjoy these tunes either.

Click on his Super Lover’s Rock Reggae mix right now and enjoy. It’s just under 70 minutes of uplifting, positive reggae that’s perfect for all of you two-steppers out there.

Holy shit!  I just found the nastiest sound system coming outta… wait for it… really, you’re not gonna believe where they’re from…… Scotland!  Yup.


This Glasgow sound system is on indie label Scotch Bonnet Records, and so are most of the other artists featured on this cd.  This is a solid album through and through.  I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot more good music coming from this label and this sound system in the future.

On sort of a side note, this whole post reminds me of that Starburst commercial with the Korean-Scottish dad and son talking about how they are “contradictions,” because they are Korean and Scottish.  That commercial is whack and the people that made it are ignorant.  Mungo’s is like the antithesis to the whackness that is that commercial (minus the Korean and plus the Jamaican).  Know what I’m sayin?