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Here’s a cut from one of Miz Korona’s closest collaborators, Moe Dirdee, that I think more folks outside of Detroit need to see. Moe has been on his grind for awhile and is probably one of the best street rappers in the city. It would be a shame if his music didn’t branch out further because lyrically, he’s got bars and heart and hustle and he represents “the fourth letter” better than anyone. Be on the lookout for more Moe Dirdee projects dropping in early 2011. And if you want a quick glimpse of what Detroit cats are really like, this is definitely worth watching.

I’ve been saying for awhile now on this blog that Miz Korona is the truth. Novice Detroit hip-hop fans might recognize her as the woman that battled Xzibit in the movie 8 Mile but she’s done a heck of a lot more with her music since that cameo. Her lyrical style is all strong-arm Detroit shit verse after verse but she’s sweet as pie in person. Get to know her if you’re unfamiliar. And support her most recent release, The Injection, which dropped over the summer.

Check out a quick interviewwith Miz Korona talking about The Injection with yours truly below the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Most folks should know of Invincible if they consider themselvesĀ  fans of true hip-hop. She was initially raised in Israel before moving to Ann Arbor, MI at the age of seven. She crafted her sound growing up with A2 hip-hop artists like Athletic Mic League, DJ Haircut (now known as Meyer Hawthorne), and others before heading out to New York at the age of 17 to be a writer for the short lived television show, Lyricists Lounge. After awhile, she eventually settled in Detroit during the earlier part of this decade and has called the D home ever since.

She’s by no means the only female MC in Detroit worth paying attention to (check out Miz Korona when you get a sec) but Invincible is generating the most buzz. Check out the video below for her song “Sledgehammer.” And if you like it, try to buy her incredibly diverse album as well. It’s called Shapeshifters and it’s a journey through Detroit, New York, Palestine, and is all about showcasing talent through struggle. She’s constantly trekking around the globe doing shows, so if she’s in a town near you soon, definitely show her some love.