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blog-friend vinylrichie has really cornered the market on the modern soul and funk mixtape scene. i frequently go back to his head over heels and take a chance mixtapes (VR knows this as i’ve been bothering him for several weeks trying to get tracklists for them), and his slower tempo mix from earlier this year is pretty great as well. he recently released a new mixtape, let’s go all the way, that reaffirms the dude’s ear for great modern soul sounds and skills at mixing them all together. stream and download below:

i briefly mentioned the quality of vinylrichie’s mixtapes in theĀ wheedle’s groove post from a couple weeks back. i wanted to take some time to give the man proper credit both on those mixtapes, and the newest one he just dropped a few days ago. head over heels follows on the, uh, heels of mixtapes take a chance and body talk, which focus exclusively on modern soul and boogie, i.e. tracks from 2000-2010. which is great, because most modern soul and boogie mixes take from that (still really great) period between the late-1970s and mid-1980s. take a chance has become a regular listen for me, and i have a feeling that head over heels will be as well. stream head over heels below, head here to download the others, and please bookmark hear the sounds for good quality bloggery.