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It’s been a lonnnggg time since Mos Def did anything that really impressed me. But I’ll tell ya, this Yasiin Bey fella is captivating to say the least. Released on the anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination, Mos/Yasin just put out a banger of a remix video to Kanye and Jay-Z’s highly overplayed “Niggas in Paris” track. This is going to get a lot of internet play over the next few days for good reason. It’s iconic and powerful and everything that artistic expression is supposed to be.

If you’ve missed the lyrical wizardry of Mos Def as much as I have, you’ll appreciate this new video/track/creation from Mos and the Creative Control team. Basically, Dame Dash and Mos were in some form of a musical courtship a year ago, but the project never gained any steam — except the awesome news that Mos was planning to make a movie on 1970s Detroit hardcore band Death and that Dame Dash was co-producing it. Outside of that, there’s really been nothing, until now. Take a look at the video for “Cream of the Planet” below.

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Lenny Kravitz brought together Mos Def, the Preservation Hall Band, Trombone Shorty, and Tim Robbins to record this song and video for  Good song, but it’s too bad that it had to be written.

Having lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida for several years of my life, it’s hard not to feel incredibly sad whenever I see images of BP’s oil spill.  Florida hasn’t been affected too much yet, but Louisiana is getting it bad.  And it’s only gonna get worst before it gets better.  Please give to Gulf Aid if you can.  The money will go to clean up the wetlands and coast and to support fishermen who depend on the Gulf for their livelihood.

P.S. I hate you, BP.

Remember when the teaser video for this dropped ages ago?  Well, the full version has finally been leaked.  

Aside from Mos Def, Ski Beatz got the relatively unknown Brooklyn emcee Whosane to spit a verse towards the end of the song.  I feel kinda bad for the dude, but how are you gonna try to go after Mos Def on one of the best beats he’s touched in ages?   Shiiiiiittt…  Homie’s verse ain’t that bad, but this is Mos’ song.  

Stream/download and enjoy the hell out of this song, and don’t forget that Ski Beatz drops the full length 24 Hour Karate School project on March 30th.

I recognize that this Jay Electronica track surfaced a couple of months ago virally but it’s really just starting to catch fire now.  I don’t even feel bad about the late pass you want to hit me with. I’m guilty! Still, have you heard “Exhibit C” yet? I mean, really heard it. The song is amazing and is a total return to the art of true MCing. God-like MCing.

Folks are sometimes too quick to make the Jay Electronica/Nas comparisons if you ask me. A writer from Pitchfork wasted half of a review on it this morning. There are some similarities I suppose but I’d say he sounds more like Rakim to me if anybody.  Either way, he’s spitting out proverbs and ghetto psalms on just about every track I’ve heard from him thus far and “Exhibit C” is hip-hop’s New New Testament. The number of pure quotables he drops on this track is ridiculous and if you haven’t heard it yet, the first listen is the best.

If you’re already a fan of the “Exhibit” series (Jay Elec+Just Blaze), then you know “Exhibit A” is smoldering but “Exhibit B” with Mos Def was just so so. Trust, “Exhibit C” rectifies all that. You can stream the song and download it right here.

Hi-Tek’s face pretty much says it all.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a new Statik SelektahReflection Eternal mixtape coming out on New Year’s Eve and a new RE album, Revolutions Per Minute, in 2010 – yet another sign that 2010 is gonna be a good year.

Reflection Eternal ft. Mos Def, Jay Electronica & J. Cole – Just Begun

This came out a couple of weeks ago, but I still can’t find the mp3 for you guys.  I have resigned to just posting this video, cuz the song is so nice. 

Creative Control is Dame Dash’s recently launched online video network.  This brief clip documents Mos and Ski Beatz working in the DD172 studio.  Ski Beatz is probably best known for producing four tracks on Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album, ”Dead Presidents,” “22 Two’s,” “Politics as Usual,” and “Feelin’ It.”  DD172 is Dame Dash’s new Lower Manhattan art and music complex.  It’s where the Black Keys and several of the MCs worked on the Blakroc album and where Erykah Badu recently held a listening party for her upcoming, much-anticipated album, New Amerykah Pt II:  Return of the Ankh.  Big things are going down at DD172.

This is a great live performance of the song History, which comes off of Mos’ June 2009 release, The Ecstatic.  The album version of this track, produced by J. Dilla, is a certified heater.  With the Roots  flippin the beat and Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle of the Dirty Projectors on background vocals, it’s just bananas.

I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon’s show, but I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the musical performances I’ve caught on the net.  Yes, yes, the Roots are the shit, of course.  But watching classy artists, like the ones above, collaborate and perform these soulful tunes on good ol’ broadcast television – it’s just great.   30 or 40 years from now this clip will be part of a Time-Life compilation of classic live performances from the 00s.  Can’t you see it?  One night, when you’re up late watching TV, clicking through channels, you stop at the infomercial just in time to catch a 10-second snippet of Mos and Talib.  You’ll be all like “Ooh!  Let’s get that, honey.  It reminds me of our youth.”

Go ahead and marinate on that for a minute…  And while you’re marinating, listen to this cover of the Dirty Projector’s Stillness is the Move by Solange (ooh, that’s nice).

Here’s a another heater from the Blakroc project.  Mos Def kills the dark bluesy beat provided by the Black Keys.  He’s on some poetic nature shit.  I’m feelin it.

P.S. The Blakroc release date is now November 30th.

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