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Artists For Artists is a budding nonprofit dedicated to giving current and up-and-coming artists opportunities to showcase their work, through hosting events that they contribute to and in the future developing programs that they can attain paid residencies at, and creating opportunities to foster and develop future artists (currently through contributions to established youth art programs, and in the future by developing their own).

The Kickoff will showcase seven visual artists, photography from the kids of Youth In Focus (one of the organizations benefiting from AFA’s fundraising efforts), trailers from eight local film projects, and music late into the night from myself and Seattle beatsmith and bona fide party rocker OCnotes.  It’s gonna be a party!

The Kick-Off is this Saturday, 10/15 from 8pm-2am at Sodo Pop.  There is a $25 minimum donation at the door.  But don’t worry,because the open bar (which means you don’t pay for liquor once you’re in the door) will more than make up for it.  Find more information and RSVP here.

All proceeds from this event will go to Youth in Focus and Arts Corps. Two organizations that are dedicated to bringing art to the kids that need and want it most.

My man Otis, a.k.a rising Seattle producer OC Notes, continues to push boundaries with The New Generation, “a collection of favorite songs written on his acoustic guitar.” The tracks reveal yet another dimension of OC’s musical range – Blues and melodic bossa nova-style strings drive most of the songs, but there’s plenty of fresh keys and dope sampling that you would expect from OC. I am very much feeling the soulful, song-cipher-on-the porch with the homies-while-sipping a cold one mellowness of this Record. Perfect soundtrack for a beautiful 85 degree Seattle Day. Holler.

Every time I get an email from Otis Calvin AKA OC Notes, it contains a series of music that puts to shame every other email full of music I’ve received all month. The email I got this morning is no different. It’s the type of music that you just need to listen to in full in order to comprehend. No pre-listen write-up will do it justice. Hence, here are the words straight from Otis’ mouth.

The unplanned genius of human error is taken for granted in these times. Dope Fiend Jazz was performed and recorded live by OCnotes & Rik Rude on christmas day for a ghost audience. Take what you will from this experiment because at the end of the day we are the scientists of sound, we truly enjoy the process. Ladies and gentleman….Dope Fiend Jazz.

Dope fiend jazz by Rudenotes

Let’s get something important out of the way: OC Notes is a genius. He’s one of the more underrated producers and music figures in Seattle at the moment and that deserves to change because he’s out-hustling and out-thinking most of his competition. When he’s not working with the THEESatisfaction camp as a Black Power Arranger or with Rik Rude in their Metal Chocolate’s configuration, he’s a solid selector as well. He recently DJ’d a set at Hidmo two Friday’s ago and was smart enough to record it all. Check it out below. And if no one has made the Madlib comparison yet, let me go ahead and stick it out there. OC Notes is the closest thing Seattle has to Madlib when it comes to creating new music that’s partially recycled from old music. Interestingly enough, they’re both named Otis. Discuss. Also, can anybody with a keen eye name the martyred revolutionary on his t-shirt?

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