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One of the brightest lights of the seemingly ever-bubbling Los Angeles hip hop scene is producer Swiff D. Though his main claim to national fame is his ongoing involvement with everyone’s favorite fresh hop ambassadors (that would be Pac Div), his resume is padded with production credits ranging from a who’s who of LA names to stylistic outliers like Jadakiss and Method Man.

But enough about the past! To celebrate the new year that is upon us, Mr. D is giving away his latest installment of instrumental bounce, aka the easy-t0-digest LaDDers. The FreEP comes with 15 tracks, the longest of which tops out at just over two and a half minutes, and many not cracking the 120 second mark. It’s a taste test sampler that will whet the appetites of mc’s looking for writing music, producers who are looking for inspiration, and fans who just enjoy good music in the chambers.

Download: Swiff D – LaDDers

Full tracklist below the jump (be forewarned, it’s out of order from the list below…).

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I first came across Swiff D way back when on U-N-I’s 2007 release Fried Chicken and Watermelon. Swiff threw down on the “somebody gonna get pregnant”-esque track Knock on Wood. It banged (zing!). Fast forward a year, and Swiff  was in the finals of the Red Bull Big Tune, crushing much of the competition.

Dude’s stayed busy since then, popping up on tracklistings from most of the L.A. young guns that are making So Cal bubble, including Pac Div, Blu, and yes, more U-N-I. Swiff just dropped his latest endeavor – the 15 track instrumental compilation Basic Cable. It’s a solid mix of boom bap head nodders, and some of that L.A. fresh the kids are digging so much. But no jerking. No. Definitely not.

Download and enjoy!

Swiff D – Basic Cable