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It’s about time that I hit y’all with a proper dancehall – in this case, bashment – mix.  So, since I’m on this British radio kick as of late, I figure why not go straight to the toppa top source of quality bashment in the UK, Gabriel Heatwave.

Expect to hear some new riddims, exclusive material and a few soon-to-be Spring/Summer anthems.  We also get a little sneak preview of the upcoming Energy Bashment Mix, which should be out any day now is out now (download via thehypelifemag).

Download the whole damn thing here Check out the massive playlist after the jump

Rinse Fm 10/04/11 by The Heatwave on Mixcloud

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The fellas over at The Heatwave (one of our all time favorite dancehall blogs) recently played a little homage to the last 25 years of digital dancehall on their Rinse FM radio show, starting with King Jammy and Wayne Smith’s prototype “Sleng Teng” and moving forward at a rate of about one track per year.  Whether you just wanna reminisce over the last 25 years of dancehall music, you need a little history lesson to get you up to date or you just want to listen to some big, big tunes, you should download this mix (right click, save as) immediately. 

Just in case you need a little more convincing, peep the tracklist after the jump.  

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Back in the day, I lived in London for a short period. One of the perks of being a Londoner was experiencing the pirate radio culture that thrives there. Pirate radio in the UK at large has been going strong, and the capitol is, sensibly enough, the capitol of the scene.

Every evening my radio dial would suddenly get more populated, and on weekends sometimes two or three stations would start running over each other. Seeing as its all short broadcast distances, you might get completely different stations on the same frequency depending on which direction you walked (or drove, if you aren’t rocking the old school walkman). Long story short, it was some goodness. I heard some of my favorite music for the first time over those airwaves. Wistful sigh…

One of the granddaddies of the pirate scene is grime and dubstep pioneer station Rinse FM. They’re so robust they even made motions towards gaining an official license and going legit. That didn’t pan out, and so they continue to broadcast illicitly from covertly-installed antennae.

The fellas over at Discobelle put down some collaborative energy with Rinse FM DJ Braiden, resulting in this 30 minute studio mix. It runs from Ruff Squad to Aphex Twin to your dudes Major Lazer. Braiden describes it as “London bass music” and it’s a pretty good sample of Rinse FM’s spectrum. Do yourself a favor: download it. And if you or anyone you know is getting piratical in your area, let us know. We love you already.

Braiden – Discobelle Studio Mix

Full tracklist after the jump:

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