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Wondering where San Antonio producer/DJ/Peligrosa rep Sonora Longoria has been recently? Look no further: here comes a free mini-EP of Los Rakas remixes, plus instrumentals. Always a pleasure hearing the combo of PanaBay’s finest alongside San Anto’s proudest son.

When San Anto DJ, producer, collaborator and overall tastemaker Sonora puts his name on a product, you can be pretty well assured that you’re going to walk away happy. Mister Longoria is back in the thick of things with a spanking hot new mix with collaborator LeDoom – the Love Affairs Mix.

It’s partly a promo for Sonora and LeDoom’s new San Antonio club night (aptly titled Love Affairs – it goes down tonight at Limelight for all you Texans), and as such it’s short and sweet. Every track is a rework by one of the two brainiacs behind the night, with original tracks ranging from Aayliyah to James Blake and straight on to Gun Selectah.

The overall vibe is a half hour-long understated, moombahton-infused glide. You might even say it’s perfect for a sunny Friday evening.

Sonora & LeDoom – Love Affairs Mix by SONORA

It’s almost that time of year again, when the hordes of music makers, scenesters, wannabes, never-were’s, and assorted fans descend upon that jewel in Texas’s crown, Austin. I speak, of course, of South By Southwest. As if I could be speaking of anything else.

This year will be the first that Last Night’s Mixtape has a formal presence for the big to-do, and we’re going to be previewing a bunch of the groups that various LxNxM mafiosi will be catching. But before we wade neck deep into the global ecosystem of sounds that will infest Austin, I want to take a short jaunt to the south west, and get into some of the sounds coming out of a – very frankly – surprising location: San Antonio.

If you followed the rise of cumbia as a dancefloor-wrecking sound, you probably stumbled across San Antonio’s DJ/producer/party-thrower Sonora at some point. Unlike some remixers, Sonora’s revisitations of everything from Usher to LxNxM favorites Los Rakas aren’t simply throwing a beat over the same song. If Guinness adds life, as they say, then Sonora adds flavor.

Los Rakas ft Favi – Abrazame (sonora remix) by SONORA

Going in a whole different direction, The Empireal Formula is a producer and DJ whose work goes back towards minimalism and understated tweaks. It’s an interesting contrast to the high-bombast production work that can be seen as a rework, and it shines through in his original work as well (not that remixes aren’t original, but hell, we live in a binary world, amirite?).

Limit To Your Love (The Empireal Formula Remix) by The Empireal Formula

And last but not least on this tip-of-the-iceberg/grill tour of San Antone, behold the man with the best name in… ever? That would, of course, be Mexicans With Guns. What can be said about this man that cannot be said about the many other djs who rock luchador masks 24/7? Wait – did you say that there are no other djs who keep their identity a closely guarded secret and change clothes in phone booths wear a wrestling mask at all times? Let’s just say that when your peers are Deadmau5, Toadally Krossed Out, and Frikstailers, you’re doing something right. Evidently the Red Bull Music Academy agrees, and put on Mr. With Guns for an exclusive podcast.

You can get the full range of Lone Star electronical tastes – with healthy representation from San Anto – from the subtly titled compilation Texas. Curated by San Antonio label Exponential Records, Texas brings together fourteen producers from a variety of different electronic styles. You can catch tracks from some of the folks listed here, as well as a variety of others, and it’s an interesting slice into a scene that doesn’t yet have a Texas-sized footprint outside of Texas.