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Krieg put me on to Lunice a little over a month ago when he posted this remix of a Deerhunter track that he did with Diplo.  I liked that song, and it was as catchy as Krieg purported it to be.  But after listening to that song a couple of times, I kinda forgot about him.  (Nothing on Krieg or Lunice, it’s just that I got busy and, you know, I have a million other songs in my head at any given moment that I am either trying to soak in or get out.  It happens sometimes.)  Then, as I was perusing the always informative, always classy and always fresh pages of Put Me On It this week, I saw that that one of my favorite bloggers, Amelia, was lamenting that Lunice’s Stacker Upper EP hadn’t been released yet.  So, I decided to pop over to Monsieur Lunice Fermin Pierre II’s Soundcloud page to see for myself what the homie had in store.  Sure enough, I found nothing but a bunch of heaters.  This kid is ridiculous.

Here’s his latest, a remix of Elephant Man’s “Shake It.”  It’s a headbanger, that’s for certain:

Don’t get it twisted though, Lunice is no one trick pony/only-remix-other-people’s-shit kinda dude.  He’s also got quality material that is all his.  For example, check out the laid back yet sharp “Clear Eyes” below:

You should also check out this mini-preview mix for the upcoming EP.  For under four minutes, it’s actually a really good teaser mix:

I want more.  I know you want more.  Do yourself a favor and go to Lunice’s Soundcloud and stream everything he has.  It’s pretty much all that good.  If you still can’t get enough Lunice, go over to his youtube channel and check out his sweet dance moves.  No, seriously, he has some pretty sweet moves.