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Here’s a new video shot by Miami/London-based hip-hop weirdo Lex One. That dude grinds harder than porn stars and you really can’t knock his hustle. This time he’s linked up with Brian Breach (formerly known as Cynic) and the two made an interesting summer-time video full of BBQ’s, skateboarding, and good vibes. Cynic was the type of artist that let everything hang-out lyrically, but now that he’s retired that moniker and performing under the name Brian Breach, I imagine a new side of his personality will emerge. This song gets the double thumbs up. Oh yeah, and that’s Lex One on the beat as well. Grinding.

Here’s a new video from South Florida rapper Omniscient that’s all about encouraging people to help their fellowman. Of course he can’t do that alone so he’s got Latin Grammy winners Locos Por Juana helping on the track along with Venezuela’s OneChot and Yeyo from The D.E.Y. It’s not meant to be a Latin hip-hop super group, but it could easily become one if they keep gelling together like this.

Here’s a new Christmas jam that’s catchy in all of the right ways from South Florida artist JRandall. At first, it seems a little cheesy. There’s no two ways about that. But give the video a chance to develop and JRandall’s voice and presence should start to grow on you. I’d honestly say dude is somewhere in between JT and Robin Thicke, with a solid sense of humor to go along with his music. Cause it takes a mixture of jokes and cajones to come up with a song like this.

It’s always a pleasure to see the growth of my good friend Walshy Fire. Some folks just know him as a member of the Miami-based super sound system Black Chiney but he brings a lot more to the table than that. In addition to just being an all around good dude and back breaking club DJ, he puts out fire mixtapes and recently transitioned from being a pirate radio DJ to rocking a mainstream radio gig on 103.5 The Beat in South Florida. The show he hosts on Sunday evenings alongside Lady Terra is called Rockers Island (tune in via the web) and I’m tripping that he just interviewed soca king Machel Montano a week ago. Big ups to Eddie STATS Houghton for posting this over on Large Up.  Check out this clip of Walshy and Montano chatting as the former soca monarch addresses rumors of him being on drugs (I missed that one!), why he skipped Carnival in Trinidad this year, and what his plans are for 2010.