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Guyana and Suriname (formerly known as Dutch Guyana), along with French Guiana, are usually completely neglected when people are discussing anything to do with South America, let alone it’s music. I’m not gonna lie. I tend to forget that there are places on the continent that the English, Dutch and French colonized too.  Thankfully, Afropop Worldwide has released this top notch mix of  Guyanese and Surinamese music, produced by Marlon Bishop and mixed by Geko Jones, to cure our collective musical ignorance of this awesome corner of  South America.

So what exactly does the music of the Guyanas sound like? Well, imagine a place that’s situated on the Northeast South American coast, between the Caribbean and the Atlantic, that is mostly Amazon rainforest.  Add four hundred years of European colonization, African Slavery, Chinese and South Asian (they say East Indian) indentured servitude, and a whole lot of subsequent immigration from all over the globe, and bam – it sounds like this:

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