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Okay, so we’re reeeally looking forward to this one. On September 13th, Zuzuka Poderosa, Brasileira via New York,  carioca diva, and all-around bass enthusiast, is touching down in Seattle at the Nectar Lounge.

Last Night’s Mixtape is proud to be part of the team helping put on the show (along with the homies Out For Stardom, Conrazon and Chilly), and our regular Soundsystem team Tang & Toast will be holding down the dancefloor, along with Darwin and DJ Chaach.

We’ve written about Zuzuka before – her take on the carioca bass sound is unique and (dare we say?) unstoppable. It really is a a simple equation: a badass performer with heavy heavy baile beats. If Charlie Sheen were still a meme, we would term that to be #winning.

It’s a rare opportunity to have one of the world’s finest purveyors of bass dropping in on your doorstep, and word on the street is her live shows kill/crush/destroy in all the right ways – her swing through Cali was a) sold out, and b) reportedly “mayhem.”

You want to be at Nectar on September 13th. It’s Brazil on your goddamn porch. You know you want it. Get your tickets now while you still can, and we’ll see you there.

Yes, yes it is. We’ll see you there.